Creating the Smokey Eye

Today’s Smokey eye look goes beyond the traditional black and greys to include softer, neutral shades of browns, taupes and mauves. It’s up to you to go with the depth you are looking for. Remember to have the essential tool like the right brushes and eye shadow powders. Here are the basics:

Before applying any eye shadow, whether it be for a Smokey look or not, always apply an eye shadow primer to the entire eyelid. This will stop the colours from fading or caking.

1. The Smokey eye starts with a black eyeliner around the entire eye. Don’t worry too much if the line is a little uneven. You will be smudging it out anyway. To smudge the liner, use an angle brush to blend and soften the entire line on the top lid as well as smudging out the bottom line.


2. Apply the darkest colour to the lid, focusing on the outer corner of the eye and smudging the color close to the lash line. For more drama, take the colour further into the crease like we did with the second image below. Use a mat charcoal, dark brown, grey, taupe, dark blue or mauve to the lid. Again, it depends on the look you are going for. Blend, blend, and blend some more. This is the key to achieving a Smokey look.

smokey eyes-001


3. Dab a light colour to the inner quarter of the lid. Depending on the colour of the Smokey eye you chose, go with champagnes, vanillas, creams, or shimmers of gold, silver or white.

4. A medium tone in the same color family as your lid color, but lighter, should be used in the crease, just above the darker Smokey shadow on your lid.

5. Use a light nude to highlight the brow arch, applying it right below the eyebrow.

Once you have completed your Smokey eye look, curl your lashes and add two coats of black mascara.

smokey eye

Don’t forget to define your eyebrows. Fill them in using a brown eyebrow or eye shadow with an angled make-up brush. This is a softer look than using a pencil. If you prefer using a pencil, be sure to lightly brush the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush to soften the pencil line.

Keep the rest of your make-up very subtle so not to compete with your fabulous eyes. Keep your lips neutral in soft pinks or caramel.

Apply a subtle finish of rose or tawny blusher to the apples of your cheeks and blend away the edges into your hairline.


Here are a couple of great video tutorials:

(Video Tutorial here) by Marlena the Makeup Geek, and