Five Ways We Can Help You Maintain Your Well-being

As we age, we are all presented with challenges at some point and at different levels. As aches and pains set in, some seemingly simply tasks have now become daunting due to limited mobility or vision?

We may require some assistance to continue enjoying healthy and fulfilling lives, and that is perfectly fine. Often, the real challenge is finding information on what is available and getting access to practical assistance for peace of mind.

· Personal Safety and Mobility: Accessibility can be an issue at stores and large malls from architectural design, long hall-ways, heavy doors and crowds. Lousy weather makes it difficult and dangerous to walk or drive. Walking conditions, aside from bad weather, can also be challenging due to high traffic, short street-crossing lights and even the landscaping. Finding appropriate transportation can be frustrating and costly.

o How we can help: WE COME TO YOU! We eliminate all of these frustrations and stresses by delivering the perfect union of professional beauty services infused with the comforts and security of home. You can simply stay where you are and relax. We take care of everything, with all the material necessary to carry out your beauty treatments. After all, there really is no place like home.

· Self-care and Personal Hygiene: Having someone assist us with our health and beauty rituals can make a huge impact when we choose to continue to live well.

o How we can help: Regular manicures and pedicures should not be considered a luxury. Arthritis or vision problems make it extremely difficult and possibly dangerous to grip nail clippers, bend and tend to our nails. Proper foot care is particularly crucial to our health and well-being. This should all be considered part of the proper supports to have in place for assisted-living.

· Healthy Lifestyle and Attitude: As Satchel Paige put it, “How old would you be if you didn’t know your age?” The individual actions and choices we make can encourage a sense of well-being.

o How we can help: Staying active helps maintain good physical and mental health. How we look will also positively affect our outlook. When our skin feels soft and glowing, our face glows as well. Eyebrows can do wonders for your face when kept trimmed for a polished look. But this can be a daunting task for those with limited mobility and vision. We will breathe new life into your skin using only the highest quality products and techniques specifically designed for mature and delicate skin.

· Social Acceptance and Respect: Increasing our opportunity for social interaction provides awareness and a better appreciation for each other’s values, cultures and situations. Inter-generational interaction is another refreshing way to learn and build relationship.

o How we can help: Our experienced and professionally trained beauty staff provides only the highest quality services with a focus on serving convalescing and senior customers. We are a small family business that a continuum of trusted staff that can’t be found with most businesses today. Our company values are honesty, integrity and respect. These values are part of everything we do.

· Creating a Healthy Environment Geared to Limited Autonomy: Resourcefulness is part of living independently for as long as possible. It is possible to maintain levels of independence with the appropriate surroundings and support.

o How we can help: We can save all the stresses of having to make special arrangements to get to and from a beauty salon or spa. We take every precaution and effort to adapt our beauty treatments to an environment suited for seniors and convalescing people. We provide peace of mind by always confirming our appointments prior to the appointment date and offering follow-up calls.

At the end of the day, making life better for the people in our lives and community is a primary goal.

We all deserve to be pampered!

* Trusted in-home service

* Professional qualifications

* Bilingual staff

* Spa-quality services, techniques and products

* Referral Program

* CPR certified