‘Tis the Season to be GLAMOROUS!

It is officially party season and I am going to share some beauty tips to make you sparkle throughout the festive season. Just a few twists on the average beauty routine may be all you need to feel festive. With the party season in full swing and so much to do, this cycle is sure to rejuvenate.

Be Proactive

Start planning your Party-Season Beauty Look now, to get noticeable results later. Studies show that 59 per cent of women suffer from dry and dehydrated skin during the winter months. Face, body, lips and hands become chapped, flakey and dull thanks to weeks of moving between cosy central heating to the frosty outdoors. The truth is that your skin is the canvas of a great look. So plan ahead and entrust your beauty regime to the professionals. For a winter indulgence, go for a richly moisturising facial and eyebrow shaping, an invigorating all over body scrub and a pristine pedicure. After this delightful combo, you will look refreshed and feel fabulous.

It’s Party Time

So it’s party time and you’re thinking “how will I make it to tonight”? What’s needed now is a one-on-one appointment with yourself.

Think about nourishing your body on the inside as much as the outside. If you don’t have time for a meal or you will be having a late supper and need a little something to tide you over, skip that boxed meal. Treat yourself to a fruit smoothie and a multi-vitamin. A good protein source like fish is also a perfect base to build upon before your big night. It’s quick and well worth it when you step out looking and feeling great.

Don’t fret with the time and frustration of doing your own hair unless you are sure you can pull off something great on your own. Otherwise, plan ahead and book an appointment with your trusted hairstylist who can set you up with a fun and sexy party style.

Book the bathroom and indulge in hours of pampering to get you back to the vision of beautiful radiance that you really are. A good bath is the cornerstone of any true rejuvenating experience. This gives you time to tune everything out and spend some quality time with numero uno (you). Run the water at a temperature that isn’t too hot if you already had your hair done. Just warm enough to soothe tired muscles, but not too warm to lose that beautiful hair-do. While bubbles are mostly for aesthetics, there is an abundance of bath products available for you to mix your own perfect recipe of indulgence. Infusing essential oils into a bath and lighting fragrant candles in the room will set the beneficial powers of aromatherapy into action. Round off the experience with a cup of peppermint tea to help digestion.

The bath is a great place to put on a facial mask. If your skin is feeling dry, use a moisturizing mask. If you have combination or oily skin, a clay mask will help purify. Always seek the advice of a beauty profession to make sure you have the proper products for your skin type on hand.

If you opted to do your own hair, the bath is also a great place to put on a conditioning hair mask and perfect those limbs by smoothing on a silky cream for a careful shave. Before you get out of the bath, grab a hand of sea-salt mixture and give those elbows, knees and heels a scrub.

Once you dry off, the first and most important step is to moisturize. Pay special attention to your thighs and feet when applying your lotion of choice, giving them a mini-massage as you work it in.

Now that your body is feeling fantabulous, it’s on to the face. Gently rinse any facial mask that you may have applied.

Apply your facial serum and moisturizer. Always apply your serum first, then your moisturizer. Give your skin about 10 minutes to absorb the moisturizer before applying any make up. While your moisturizer is penetrating, give your hands some TLC with an exfoliating hand scrub, followed by a luxurious hand-and-nail cream.

With your body, face and mind now in happy harmony it’s time to move on to make up. This is the season of smoky eyes, glossy lips, and a little bit of bling.

The secret to great looking make-up is the perfect foundation base. Choose a light fluid foundation rather than a heavy matte one. Too much coverage will not only highlight fine lines and wrinkles, but will also make your skin look overly made-up, which looks aging.

When using eyebrow, lip or eyeliner pencils, keep the tip of your lip pencil sharpened. Use a tissue to softly round the edges to prevent any harsh lines. Regularly sharpen your eye pencils to keep them pointed.

Smokey eyes are always a favourite look for the Holiday Season. Creating them takes some practice and it might be worth paying for a make-up lesson a few weeks ahead of time so you can practice. Check out our 4 Steps to Smokey Eyes. Another option is to book a make-up artist for those special dates.

Eyebrows are the frame of your face. If you’re not confident to shape your own perfect arch, book a professional and get them tweezed, waxed or threaded. Don’t be tempted to over-pluck — overly skinny brows will make you look dated! Brush the brows straight up with an eyelash comb and trim straggly hairs with a pair of nail scissors and plucking stray hairs that might have grown in.

Red lipstick is a predicable choice, but it can be a hard colour to pull off. It also makes lips look thinner. Bold and beautiful looking lips needn’t mean bright: luscious deep pinks, rich chocolates, glossy nudes and berry hues can be just as show stopping. If you’re colour shy, start with a gloss for a hint of colour, then graduate to a rich pigmented lipstick. If you’re going for look-at-me lips, play down the eyes and cheeks so they are not competing with your lips.

Soft cheeks will finish the look. A natural cream cheek tint will give subtle definition. A silky soft powder blush in peach or soft pink will highlight your cheeks and give a luminous and radiant glow.

Top it all off with a little Bling!

This is the perfect time to bring out your favorite jewellery pieces, or have fun with some new winter-themed accessories that really represents the holidays.

Just have fun!

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